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Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module to use with your INTELLIVISION


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The Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module, commonly abbreviated as Intellivoice, is an adapter for the IntellivisionMattel‘s home video game console, that utilizes a voice synthesizer to generate audible speech. The Intellivoice is a large, brown cartridge that plugs into the Intellivision’s side-mounted cartridge slot; games specifically designed for the device can then be inserted into a slot provided on the right-hand side of the module.

An international version of the Intellivoice was planned, but never released. The Intellivoice was discontinued in 1983 due to poor sales, with only five titles released with support for the device. Despite this, it has been called an important innovation in gaming, since the Intellivoice software used speech as an important gameplay element.

The box has damage but the module was in a bubble wrapped zipped bag so it was safe.


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