The Master Mfg Co. Litchfiled, Ill Oil Spout with Ball Mason Jar


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This vintage item is a true gem for collectors of advertising memorabilia. The item features a metal spout with cap from the MASTER Manufacturing company based in Litchfield, Illinois, USA. It comes with a Ball Mason glass jar and represents the gas & oil theme. The item is being sold in its original, authentic form and was made in the United States. 


The entire item is 13 3/4″ tall.  The spout is clearly labeled and does have a couple of dents as is visible in the photos but is generally in great shape.  The Ball Jar is appr 9 1/2″ tall and is in great shape.  It has a fruit design on the front and measurements for cups (up to 6) and up to 1500 ML on the sides.  The back has the Ball MASON logo on it.  The bottom says Sculptured Glass Genuine Ball 64A Mason Jar A3.

I am not sure which I like more…the spout or the jar.

Please ask questions before you buy as we want our customers to be happy.


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