Vintage 1/2 Pint Square Kerr Self Sealing Mason Canning Jar






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This antique canning jar was made by the Kerr company. The logo is large and showy and the jar itself is thick, heavy glass. The jar is 1/2 pint sized and measures 4″ tall. It is all clear.  This one comes with a zinc link and rubber sealing ring.

The embossing on the jar reads “Kerr “Self Sealing” Trademark  Reg” “Mason” and the base says  AHK and 501.

These vintage jars make wonderful vases for your bouquets, great soap dispensers, and quaint sugar, flour, and coffee canisters. Or simply set them in a group on a sunny window sill and enjoy the show as the sun shimmers through them.

This one comes with a zinc lid that is in good shape.  I have washed these up by hand but they could still use a good scrubbing after looking at the pictures.

They bring back memories of days gone by.  I know some people are still using these for canning.

We have many canning jars from most time frames in the shop so if you are looking for some specific ones, let us know!

Typically, we clean an item to the best of our abilities but do not try to do any ‘fixes’ or major cleaning as you can destroy the value of some items by doing some of the cleanings.  Please look at the pictures carefully and ask for additional pictures if wanted.  We do not know everything so would prefer you to tell us if we describe something incorrectly so we can fix the listing.

We are listing several today so let us know if you want a ‘group’ deal.

Any questions, please let us know.




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