White Victor Nipper Dog Penny Bank


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White Victor Nipper Dog Penny Bank in great cosmetic condition.

*ITEM: RCA VICTOR Gramophone Logo Nipper Dog His Masters Voice Cast Iron Coin Bank

*MANUFACTURER: Unknown, not marked

*MODEL: RCA Victor Cast Iron Logo

*YEAR: Guestamate is 1940’s to 1950’s. Phillips Head screws used in this cast iron piece are the exact same design screws that first appeared in 1935. The screws themselves are some of the original first Phillips screws produced and collectible.

*REPRODUCTION OR JUST UNLICENSED?: It’s said that if cast iron comes with straight line slotted screws they are reproductions and were imported. It’s also said that if the cast iron has many missing paint spots as this piece has and there are gaps in the seams then it’s most likely a reproduction.

The plus with this RCA cast iron is if this particular cast iron arrangement was the first and only arrangement to be produced and sold then it’s not a reproduction. I’ve looked all over the web for the original arrangement like this and none could be found. I could only find the original single cast iron dog alone out of any arrangement. This arrangement is out there in a door stop model but has the same phillip head screws. This RCA cast iron arrangement may only be an “Unlicensed” unique badly built import piece and not a reproduction.

*SCREWS: The screws were without a doubt removed to empty out the coin after the bank was filled up. It appears two of the screws were replaced but the replaced screws are from the same time period. It’s not uncommon to destroy screw head slots getting them out and I’ve done this plenty of times. The One of the newer screws seems to have some head slot distortion from overtighting due to a powerful right hand turn. The money only comes out when you take “Nipper The Dog” off of the base by unscrewing the two bottom screws and the side screw in the dog and this appears to be the reason for a new set of screws being used to fasten the dog back onto the base properly.

*MEASURES: Approx. 6 3/8″ tall, 8 1/4″ long on the base, 3″ wide base

*CONDITION: Not many missing paint spots and seam gaps as are usual in reproduction cast iron from the 1940’s through 1960’s. These are a result of fast production by cheap unskilled labor. The Phillips head screws are a tell tale sign of a reproduction that could have been produced inside or outside of the United States. Most reproductions were produced outside of the United States then shipped in for sale easily due to a lack of enforcement due to payola to government officials.

*FEATURES: Since there is no original RCA Victor cast iron in this type of display these unlicensed displays are more common and have increased in value because the originals can’t be found. Single cast iron displays of “Nipper” can be found with the standard single slot screws but “Nipper” with the Gramophone on a base are really rare giving these reproductions a standing of value in the collectors market.

Please see photos for details.

Dimensions: 8” x 3” x 6.25” & 4.6 lbs [unboxed]  10″ x 8″ x 5″ & 5.0 lbs [boxed].



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