14 1960s Disneyland Embossed Wood Blocks Halsam and 1 spare one


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This is a set of 15 1 3/4″ wooden blocks.  14 are Disneyland blocks and 1 the same size but not Disney.  They have a brightly colored letter on one side, a brightly colored cartoon character on the opposite side, and two letters on the opposite side that are just the silhouette of the letter with the remaining two sides having items like picnic baskets, ducks, shoes, etc.

The characters include 2 Fifer Pigs, 1 Dewey, 1 Pinocchio, 1 Dopey, 1 Donald Duck, 1 Minnie, 1 Flower, 1 Goofy, 2 Bambi’s , I Peter Pan, 1 Fiddler Pig and one Micky….The 15th block


The colored letters and characters are slightly indented making them stand out.  I have included several pictures so you can see what I mean.   There is one block that is not in great condition which is the spare one.   All the Disneyland ones are in good shape.


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