Cream Flower Abalone Inlaid Cuff Bracelet Alpaca Silver

This is an early 5 oz. size was polish tin from S.C. Johnson Co (Racine, WI) with a great image of early open touring car on the front.  This has strong colors but there is rust beginning.  The top is in much better shape than the bottom.  I have tried unsuccessfully to open the tin.  If the bottom was better, this would be twice the price.

Recently one sold on an antique advertising site for $320.00 but it was in much better shape.

Please review ALL pictures posted and & ask questions before buying.


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This is one of appr. 20 Alpaca Silver Bracelets we have.  They are the cuff style and do have the stamp but the stamp on this one is not as clear as some.  This one has a cream colored flower in the center with silver, blue/green inlay around it.  This is a 5″ cuff so is a little on the smaller side. It is graduated in height from appr. 1/2″ to 1/2″.   It is bright and eye catching.

If you are needing more bracelets (perhaps for sisters, etc.) just let us know and we can send photos of several more.

Please review ALL pictures posted and & ask questions before buying.

Alpaca silver, also known as German silver, was developed in 1823 as the result of a German competition held with the goal of developing an alloy that had the most visual similarity to silver. Its trademark name Alpacca became widely known in Northern Europe as a source of nickel silver.

In Mexico, Central America and South America, alpaca silver is frequently used to make jewelry and crafts. It is incredibly durable and malleable, allowing itself to be shaped into detailed pieces while being strong enough to hold its shape. The end products can be beautiful, but people with nickel allergies should avoid wearing alpaca silver jewelry to avoid potential breakouts.

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