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Antique J Pressman & Co #415 – Playtime Lotto Junior


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The Antique J. Pressman & Co. #415 Playtime Lotto Junior game is a delightful relic from the past. Let’s break down its original components:

  1. Number Cards: You have a set of 90 number cards, which aligns with the total count expected for this game.
  2. Player Cards: There are 17 player cards. While the exact number of player cards intended for this game isn’t clear, a few might be missing.
  3. Wood Pieces: You’ve got 48 wooden pieces, adding to the tactile charm of the game.
  4. Condition: Considering its age, the game remains in fairly good condition.
  5. Box Wear: The box shows signs of wear, including scuffing, tearing, and a spot where a sticker was torn off. I recommend examining the photos closely to get a better sense of their overall state.

This is used and has been played with.  The bottom box has tape on the sides and the top box has a definite dip in it.  The wood pieces listed above seem more like cardboard to me.  I do not guarantee that all the pieces are there but there are a lot of parts!

Looks like fun.  The price is based on the condition as I have seen this up to 50.00 in great shape.



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