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NO. 3 YELLOW CAB Made by Arcade in the 1920s


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Certainly! The NO. 3 YELLOW CAB, manufactured by Arcade in the 1920s, is a charming vintage toy. Let’s delve into its details:

  1. Size: This particular Yellow Cab is the smallest version, measuring approximately 5 inches in length.
  2. MakerArcade Manufacturing Company, based in Freeport, Illinois, crafted this delightful cast iron toy.
  3. Originality: It retains its original condition, showcasing well-preserved features. Notably, it lacks the typical Yellow Cab markings stamped on its doors, making it somewhat unusual .
  4. Appearance: The cab boasts a nostalgic design, harking back to the bustling streets of the 1920s. Its yellow color likely evokes memories of bustling city life.
  5. Condition: There are no breaks, cracks, or repairs, which is remarkable for a toy of its age.  The spare tire is missing.  I am not sure if the original came with a driver but there is not one.  Its paint shows this toy was well played with.

We are listing another Arcade car so check it out too.  Ask for more photos if wanted.


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