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Set of Michievous Squirrels – Made in Japan


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Charming Grey Squirrel Duo: Playful and Unique

Introducing a delightful pair of grey-colored squirrels that exude mischief and character. These whimsical creatures are not mirror images; one stands just a tad larger and wears a slightly darker coat. Let’s explore their endearing features:

  1. Size and Craftsmanship:
    • Each squirrel measures approximately 7 inches in length—compact enough to fit on a shelf or add charm to any nook.
    • Crafted with care, these adorable figurines are made from porcelain, lending them a delicate yet enduring quality.
  2. Expressive Faces:
    • Their mischievous expressions capture the essence of squirrel antics. From twitching noses to twinkling eyes, they seem ready to leap into playful escapades.
  3. Imperfect Perfection:
    • The subtle differences between them—the slight variation in size and color—add to their allure. It’s as if they have their own secret squirrel language.
  4. Flawless Condition:
    • Rest assured, there are no chips or cracks in these little treasures. They’re ready to grace your home with their whimsy.

Whether displayed together or individually, these grey squirrel figurines evoke warmth, curiosity, and a touch of woodland magic. A delightful addition for collectors and nature enthusiasts alike! 🐿️✨


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