Skix 6 in 1 Multiple Board Game by EMENEE – Dated 1962


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This Skix game is 6 games in one.  Copyrighted 1962.   Appears complete.

Relive your youth with this fun game!


Skix is a “6 in 1 multiple board game”. All six games share in common the Skix Ball Wheel, a kind of reverse spinner in which a marble is launched and spins around the outside rim of the wheel until it lands in one of the many grooves along the inside “hub” of the wheel.

Each game has a circular paper disk that is placed over the hub in the center of the wheel; the disk gives a value or instruction to each groove on the inside hub. A two-sided gameboard is also included for four of the games.

The six games are as follows:

1) BADLANDS: Be the first to travel from St. Louis to Houston, watching for Indians and bandits.

2) HILL CHAMP: Get to the top of the hill by following a crisscrossing path.

3) SPORTS CAR RACE: Race against your opponents and be the first to cross the finish line.

4) TUG OF WAR: Pull the other team onto your side. Only one marker is used in this game, to determine where the center of the “rope” currently is.

5) SPELL-N-SCORE: This is one of two games that is played with pencil-and-paper, rather than the gameboard. Each player spins for five letters — each with its own point value — and attempts to make a word worth as high a score as possible.

6) CARDS (Poker, Black Jack, War): This is the other paper-and-pencil game(s). Shoot the marble to determine which cards are “drawn” for each of these games.


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