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Victory Pen – Blackburn Service Station

This is an early 5 oz. size was polish tin from S.C. Johnson Co (Racine, WI) with a great image of early open touring car on the front.  This has strong colors but there is rust beginning.  The top is in much better shape than the bottom.  I have tried unsuccessfully to open the tin.  If the bottom was better, this would be twice the price.

Recently one sold on an antique advertising site for $320.00 but it was in much better shape.

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This is a Victory Pen.  The top line says “Your VICTORY pencil” but it is very faded.  The second line says “Saves brass-metal-rubber”.  The next line says Blackburn.  The next line says Service Station.  The next line says Socony-vacuum Products.  The next line says Gaylord, Kansas.   The final line says See us for Insurance”

Other than the top line it is very readable.  You take the red tip off and there is a small pencil that has been sharpened.

The “Salvage for Victory” campaign that was launched by the United States on January 10, 1942, following the devastating attacks on Pearl Harbor The campaign aimed to collect, save, conserve, and recycle materials that could be repurposed for military uses. Millions of Americans participated in the campaign, collecting scrap metal, rope, paper, and even waste fat from stoves, which were then used for the war effort

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