Vintage 1934 Chicago World’s Fair Coin Bank – American Can Company – Collectible


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1934 Chicago World’s Fair Coin Bank made by The American Can Company. Here’s a detailed description for you:

  • Year: This charming bank hails from the 1934 Century of Progress World’s Fair held in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Manufacturer: Crafted by The American Can Company, it’s a testament to the industrial prowess of that era.
  • Material: Made of tin, this bank is a sturdy relic from a time when craftsmanship was celebrated.
  • Design: The bank features a delightful full-color scene of the fair, capturing the excitement and innovation of the event.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: Approximately 3.5 inches—compact yet brimming with historical significance.
    • Diameter: Measuring 2.125 inches, it’s perfectly pocket-sized.
  • Condition:
    • Minor Scratches: The bank bears the marks of its journey through time, with minor scratches that tell stories of its past.  The coin slot in bent down some
    • Rust: A touch of rust adds character, reminding us of its endurance.
    • Dents: A few small dents, like wrinkles on an old friend’s face, hint at its age.
  • Overall: Despite its imperfections, this bank is in good condition, ready to be cherished anew.
  • Collectible Value: Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious enthusiast, this piece is a treasure.



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